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Teaser: Clear Eyes, Full Attendance Sheets, Can’t Lose

Most senior living leaders have long recognized the importance of life enrichment programs. Today, senior living communities need to prepare for a larger population of older adults (with more chronic conditions) and also prioritize social engagement for current residents who experienced isolation. But this isn’t necessarily news. 

Life enrichment programs are vitally important for senior living communities. Why?

Put simply, they make your residents healthier. Numerous studies show that social engagement improves physical health. It also boosts brain function, literally changing the makeup of people’s gray matter.

The goal here is to take all you know (from residents, family, staff members, and data) and mold it into a life enrichment program that’s tailored to your community. Your activities don’t have to heavily feature physical or mental fitness, either. What you want to do is give residents the chance to participate in the activities that bring them joy. When your residents are happy and healthy, life improves for everyone in your community. 

To Create an Engaging Life Enrichment Program, Think About the Full Resident Experience

In Clear Eyes, Full Attendance Sheets, Can’t Lose: A Life Enrichment Playbook from Icon we highlight six strategies that you can use to make sure your life enrichment program meets residents’ current and future needs. And when you invest in your life enrichment program, you’re investing in the health of your residents.It’s not easy, partly because it’s an ongoing process. But, done well, it can transform your senior living community into the go-to spot for older adults in your area. 

Keep your eye out for the full version of Icon’s playbook Clear Eyes, Full Attendance Sheets, Can’t Lose: A Life Enrichment Playbook from Icon coming soon!

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