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Family Engagement

Keep family members in the loop through one central point of communication.


Allow Family Members Near and Far to Stay Connected and Informed

Use the mobile app to send out newsletters, updates, and surveys to family members. Provide the transparency they need to ensure their loved ones are looked after – resulting in up to 50% improvement in family satisfaction survey results.

Provide Family and Staff messaging

Send a message, photo, or document and provide a safe place to dialogue about residents’ care with family members.

Family and Community Announcements

Provide a central place for community-wide announcements and information.

Collect Feedback with Net-Promoter Survey

Real-time survey for families to submit about how your community is performing.

Share Activity Calendar and Attendance

Reinforce a strong activity program by instantly sharing your resident’s activity attendance and community calendar. 

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Drive Connectedness with Our HIPAA-Compliant Family App

Easily send family members:

Urgent information




Enable Your Community To

Improve Community Operations

Prevent avoidable move-outs

Reinforce a strong activities program

Foster Peace of Mind

Streamline communication with automated push notifications when their loved one attends a community activity, with no extra work needed from your staff.

Why Communities Choose Family Engagement from Icon

Family to Staff Messaging

Provide a safe place to have a dialogue about your resident’s care with family members.

Net-Promoter Survey

Real-time in-app survey for families to supply feedback how your community is performing.

Community Announcements

A visually appealing  feed to keep families updated.

Push Notifications

Family members receive push notifications when their loved one attends a community activity.

HIPAA Compliant

All communications and resident health information shared via Family Engagement is secure.

Face ID

Family Engagement leverages Face ID authentication for a smooth login experience.

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