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Employees and Associates

Enhance the employee experience and drive organizational success. Icon’s suite of science-backed solutions help prioritize the well-being and productivity of your workforce.

Elevate Employee Engagement and Communication


Communicate & Connect

Whether you are trying to fill an empty shift, send a certification renewal reminder, amp up recruitment efforts with a marketing email or send a survey, Icon has what you need. Communications can be sent via emails, text, phone calls and more, and can be easily segmented to custom, specific groups like Night Shift or Dining Team. 


Recognize & Reward

Foster a culture of appreciation and motivation with Icon’s Employee Recognition App. Utilize peer acknowledgment, customizable badges, lively competitions, and appealing rewards to celebrate achievements and foster camaraderie effortlessly. Boost morale, employee retention, and workplace satisfaction. 


Engage & Inform

Streamline access to resources and foster a sense of unity by keeping employees informed through a central employee portal. Facilitate efficient communication effortlessly and , gather valuable feedback instantly. Discover insights through analytics, and promote productivity and satisfaction across the workforce.

The Proof is in the Data. Did you know...

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Organizations with effective
recognition programs have
31% lower voluntary turnover

Untitled design - 2024-01-12T150209.552

Companies with effective
rewards programs have
50% lower turnover rates

Untitled design - 2024-01-12T150222.305

Gamification techniques for employee recognition and rewards drive a 48% increase in employee engagement

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