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How to Build a Thriving Resident Tech Committee: 10 Easy Steps

In the ever-evolving landscape of senior living, the emergence of Resident Tech Committees is on the rise. But what exactly is a Resident Tech Committee, and how can it transform the technological landscape within a senior living community? In this eBook, we delve into the crucial role these committees play in fostering a sense of community, empowering seniors in the digital age, and seamlessly integrating technology into their daily lives. 

Discover The Icon Difference: Eight Differentiators

Icon is the only all-in-one employee, resident, and family experience management platform that centralizes and elevates engagement, communication, and real-time insights to help senior living operators retain and attract top talent, and residents. Discover what makes Icon stand apart from the rest in The Icon Difference.

How to Keep Your Staffing Levels High
A Senior Living Recruitment & Retention Guide from Icon

There’s been a status quo in senior living for years now: communities struggle with attracting and retaining staff. Case in point: 82 percent of communities are reporting staffing shortages. That’s why we created this recruitment and retention guide – to help.

Ryan Galea Guest Interview on Parasol Alliance's Podcase Raising Tech

In season 2, episode 18 of Raising Tech host, Amber Bardon, has a captivating conversation with Ryan Galea, CEO of Icon, where he illustrates how Icon’s all-in-one engagement platform is enhancing communication and boosting resident & family engagement at Senior Living communities. 

Raising Tech is powered by Parasol Alliance, The Strategic Planning & Full-Service IT Partner exclusively serving Senior Living Communities.

A Note from Our CEO: Celebration and Reflection on the One Year Anniversary of Icon

As we reflect on the past year, it’s astounding to think of how far we’ve come. One year ago, we took a significant leap by merging Caremerge’s Engagement Platform with VoiceFriend’s leading communication software and rebranding as Icon (or GoIcon). Today, as we celebrate this significant milestone, I invite you to join us in reflecting on the incredible changes, the challenges we’ve surmounted, and the exciting future we’re forging.

How to Choose the Best Senior Living Engagment Technology: A Buyer's Guide from Icon

You are the expert on your organization’s unique needs – this guide is here to help you find the perfect technology partner. 

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Creating the Well-Connected Community - A Conversation with Icon CEO Ryan Galea

NIC Senior Principal Ryan Brooks recently talked with Ryan Galea, CEO of Icon. What follows is a recap of their conversation about Icon and its commitment to revolutionize the aging experience by engaging, informing, and uniting all stakeholders in the community. 

Infographic: Icon by the Numbers

Get to know Icon by the impact we make for our customers and communities like yours each and every day.

Infographic: Activity Insights

The Icon team looked at a sample of 125,000 activities held over the last 12 months across 100 communities representing all service levels.

What Makes an Aging Experience Iconic? 5 Essentials to Ensure Your Residents are Happy, Healthy, and Thriving

In this white paper, we took it upon ourselves to create the definition of an icon aging experience, explore how it manifest for those in senior living – and the role Icon plays in enabling communities to deliver the highest quality of life to those in their golden years.

Clear Eyes, Full Attendance Sheets, Can't Lose: A Life Enrichment Playbook from Icon

Life enrichment programs are vitally important for senior living communities. But this isn’t necessarily news. Most senior living leaders have long recognized the importance of life enrichment programs. So why are they a greater priority today? What’s changed? Find out in this white paper.

Article: SNH News Views Meet Icon - Why VoiceFriend and Caremerge Teamed Up

Icon CEO, Ryan Galea share a first-hand account of the journey that lead VoiceFriend and Caremerge to join under a common mission – to equip organizations that support seniors with the tools needed to ensure older adults and providers have the best experience possible with technology. 

Template: Icon Activities Supply Tracker

Tracking supplies for the activities department in a senior living community can be a challenging task. With so many different activities happening on a regular basis, it’s important to have a system in place to ensure that you always have the necessary supplies on hand. Download our free Activities Supply Tracker to help.

Template: Icon Activities Database

Download this free Activities Database template to help keep all of critical activities information organized in one place.

White Paper: The Senior Care Staffing Crisis - Can Technology Provide Relief?

The severe shortage of caregivers is the single greatest challenge facing the senior car industry. In this white paper, we unpack the factors fueling the staffing crisis and discuss how senior care organizations can implement operational efficiencies to make the most of their resources. 

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