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In-Room TV

Enhance your life enrichment programming and communications with community content streamed directly to your residences.

Keep Your Residents Content and Involved from the Comfort of Their Own Residence

Stream engaging content directly into resident apartments – including 80+ apps and live streaming. 

More Time Back In Your Staff's Day

Staff can quickly and easily distribute, change, and segment across screens. 

Display Engaging Content

Popular smart apps include ESPN, CNN, Youtube, digital menu boards, real-time weather and more. 

Provide Content On-Demand

Provide your residents with the option to engage with your community’s content in the time and place they choose. 

Keep Residents Active

Stream content, including workout videos, directly in resident’s room to keep them active. 

In-Room TV benefits Residents and Staff

Enhance Your Resident Engagement Content

Streamline Staff Workflows

Improve Communication with Residents

Encourage Residents to Stay Active While Saving Staff Time

Your staff is going to love how user-friendly Icon is, and your residents will be impressed by the beautifully designed content they have in their homes.

Why Communities Choose In-Room TV from Icon

Granular Permission Settings

Manage user roles and permissions, channels and content playlists all from one dashboard.

Automatically Stream Daily Calendar

No extra work necessary. When paired with Calendar Central, your daily activities will smart scroll and display changes in real-time.

Stay Active

In partnership with Spiro100, residents can stay active, even in their own apartments, with industry-leading library of fitness videos of varying skill levels.

Access to 80+ Popular Apps

Display popular content like ESPN, Sky News, YouTube Live, and much more.

Set It and Forget It

Easily schedule your content days, weeks, and/or months in advance, with the ability to edit as needed. 

Live-Streaming Capabilities

Easily live stream community events with no extra plug-ins or equipment required.

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