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Human Resources

Attract and retain top-tier talent with rewards, recognition and effective communication powered by GoIcon’s cutting-edge technology solutions. 

Cultivate Deep, Meaningful Connections Amongst Your Team and Foster a Sense of Community

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Engage & Inform

Teams thrive when everyone is on the same page. Improve access to resources and keep employees in the loop with GoIcon’s centralized employee portal. Our solutions make communication effortless and gathering feedback instantaneous. Robust analytics offer valuable insights to boost productivity and satisfaction across the workforce.

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Communicate & Connect

Effective communication is essential for team alignment. With Icon, you can effortlessly fill shifts, send certification reminders, boost recruitment via marketing emails, conduct surveys, and more. Messages can be tailored and sent via email, text, or phone, allowing segmentation for specific groups like Night Shift or Dining Staff.

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Reward & Recognize

Showing your team that they are appreciated and valued has never been easier. With GoIcon’s Employee Recognition App peers, leaders, residents, and families can acknowledge staff for a job well done. Accomplishments can be marked with milestone badges, and points can be collected and redeemed by staff for swag, job perks and more!

Did you know...


Effective recognition programs correlate with a 31% decrease in voluntary turnover.

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Companies with effective rewards programs have 50% lower turnover rates.

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Gamification techniques for employee recognition and rewards drive a 48% increase in employee engagement.

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