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Save Up to 50% By Consolidating Your Resident Experience Tech Stack

Implementing a single source of technology within your facility enables your staff and residents to have a seamless experience. 

Icon’s all-in-one communication and engagement platform consolidates your resident experience tech stack to a single provider.

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Tailor-Made Solutions Built with Today’s Skilled Nursing Organizations in Mind

Automated Post-Discharge Communications

Add Icon to your existing post-discharge management process. With our robust communication tools you can automate follow-up calls and texts to your discharged patients. A color-coded dashboard highlights discharged patients who require intervention and reporting provides statistics to share with hospital networks and payers.

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Communication 360

Icon’s robust bi-directional communication tools help organizations like yours quickly and easily fill open shifts. Simply craft a message and send it out to your full staff list or sub groups of staff in seconds. Staff members will receive the message via their preferred mode of communication – text, phone call or email and can respond back immediately with their availability. 

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Staff Compliance

Remind staff when certifications and licenses are due to be renewed and about upcoming training sessions. The Icon communication platform integrates with your payroll or human capital management system allowing our tools to track renewal dates for staff and send automated notifications when it is time to renew a license or certification.

Digital Signage

Create a consistent brand experience with Icon’s Digital Signage tool. This offering provides the perfect solution to display relevant and real-time information that matches your branding across your facility.

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In-Room TV Channel

Keep your patient engaged from the comfort of their rooms. Icon’s In-Room TV Channel offering includes over 80 apps, live streaming capabilities, a recorded video player and much more.

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