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Digital Display and Signage

Display unique digital signs across your common spaces to keep residents and guests informed on announcements and events.

Keep Residents Engaged and Informed While Welcoming Your Guests with Eye-Catching Signage

Tap into Icon’s robust scheduling engine, simple live streaming, and 60+ free smart applications.

User-friendly content building tools

No hardware needed

Brand to your community

Livestream to resident's rooms

Minimize Redundant Admin Work

Your staff will be happy to reduce administrative tasks and spend more time engaging with their community. Even better, Icon’s content management system provides:


Automation Tools

Remote Screen Management

Role-based User Permissions

Organizations That Utilize Icon Reduce Time Spent on Communications and Give Staff More Time to Engage with Residents and Patients

Take Advantage of Icon's Content Management System

Set it and forget it! No more updating your slide show daily. Our content management system lets you set your content days, weeks, or months in advance. Schedule and stream content like: 

If you do need to make changes, our all-in-one platform makes it easy. Make your edit in one place and updates are pushed out to your displays in real-time.

To ensure you have the infrastructure you need to deliver engaging content in your senior living community, ask these five questions first.

Why Communities Choose Digital Displays from Icon

Granular Permission Settings

Manage user roles and permissions, channels and content playlists all from one dashboard.

Customized to Each Location

Each screen can display its own unique playlist to showcase information relevant to its location. 

Branded to Your Community

Brand your content and displays to create a consistent brand identity to impress residents, staff and prospects.

Set It and Forget It

Schedule your content days, weeks, and/or months in advance with the ability to edit as needed.

Access to 80+ Popular Apps

Display popular content like ESPN, Sky News, YouTube Live, an more.

No Hardware Needed

All you need is a smart tv or plug-in device such as an Amazon Firestick and you’re good to go!

Ready to See Icon's Digital Displays in action?

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