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Give Your Home Health Care Clients Peace of Mind with Open Communication and Engagement

Icon’s top-rated communication and engagement solution helps home health care agencies provide clear and consistent updates and information to clients and their family members ensuring they are informed and engaged.

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Since starting with Icon, missed appointments are down almost 50%. The impact to our organization has been huge.

Sarah Charest, Manager of Rehabilitation Services, Hebrew SeniorLife - An Affiliate of Harvard Medical School

Clear Benefits to Your Bottom Line

Reduce Missed Appointments

Icon’s automated appointment reminders can help your organization drop the number of missed client appointments by up to 50%

Save Your Staff Valuable Time

Organizations who utilize Icon reduce time spent on communications by 75% give staff more time to engage with clients.

Drive Family Satisfaction

Our platform allows PACE programs to connect with families automatically and proactively leading to as much as a 50% improvement in family satisfaction survey results.

Turnkey Tools to Support Your Home Health Care Communication and Engagement Needs

Automated Safety Checks

Save your staff valuable time while also ensuring your residents are safe and thriving with Icon’s automated safety check tool. Customize the questions you want to ask, and Icon automatically calls clients. Answers are saved, which allows staff to quickly identify clients at risk.

Bi-directional Communication

Icon supports robust bi-directional communication allowing you to interact with home health clients, family members and your staff via the mode of communication of their choosing – phone call, email, text, on-demand dial in, and Alexa devices in up to 18 different languages. Message recipients can easily reply and responses are documented for streamlined reporting.

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Family Engagement

Engage with clients’ families through a simple and straightforward app allowing your staff to share messages and videos regarding their loved ones, news updates and more reinforcing a strong relationship between your staff and client families.

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Automated Appointment Reminders

Quickly and easily send appointment reminders to PACE program participants and their families and reduce missed appointments by as much as 50% with Icon. 

Emergency Communications

Share critical information about inclement weather, infectious disease outbreaks, emergency maintenance issues and more with residents, families and staff in minutes. Icon maintains a repository of messages for easy reporting.

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