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Form Builder

Save time and money with Form Builder – a HIPAA-compliant form creation tool within Icon’s Community Engagement platform.

Create Secure Communication with Customizable HIPAA-Compliant Forms Tailored to your Community's Needs

With smart features like checkbox, date picker, numeric fields, and more, Form Builder helps streamline daily admin work for your entire team.

Flexibility to Create Any Type of Form

Leave of Absence Notices

Surveys of All Kinds

Transportation Requests

Catering and Event Inquires

Why Communities Choose Custom Form Builder from Icon

Cost Savings

Create, file, submit and save forms electronically – saving on paper and storage space.

Instant Notifications

Stay on top of community operations and get instantly notified when responses are submitted.

Stay Organized

Easily collect, categorize, and centralize all responses with our instant export capability.

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