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Design Studio

Elevate your senior living experiences and create unique, professional content for your community with Icon’s Design Studio.

Create engaging newsletters, vibrant flyers, and more!

Take charge of your community’s branding with brand kits, maintain consistency with brand standards, and easily share your stunning designs across various platforms, all in one intuitive tool.

150,000 Templates

Vast Library of Design Elements

Free Creative Assets

Elevate Designs with Professional Ready-Made Content

Keep your creative juices flowing without restraint. Our expansive collection of fonts, music, animations, illustrations, backgrounds, objects, and more is ever-growing, ensuring you have an abundance of design elements at your disposal.

Enjoy a library of royalty-free stock photos, videos, and vectors to find the right pictures and visuals for your projects.

Discover a vast template library of eye-catching flyers, informative newsletters, dining menus and more. Leverage Icon’s Design Studio to effortlessly create a variety of senior living content.

Leverage Icon’s Design Studio to effortlessly create a variety of senior living content – from engaging newsletters and vibrant flyers to heartwarming announcements and beyond.

Effortlessly Create, View, Edit, and Distribute Event Flyers Automatically

Say goodbye to manual flyer creation – Icon’s platform seamlessly integrates Calendar Central, Announcements, and Design Studio. Elevate the quality and consistency of event communications with automatic import of event details directly from your digital Icon event calendar, saving valuable time and resources.

Control Your Community's Branding with Brand Kits

Brand Kit and Styles Features

 Seamlessly incorporate your brand’s colors, fonts, and logos into the intuitive Brand Kit. Effortlessly transfer colors from templates and infuse them into your unique designs. With a simple mix-and-match approach, blend colors and fonts to perfection in any template.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Empower your team to create content that adheres to your brand’s guidelines. The Brand Kit lets admins set and enforce brand standards, ensuring that all content aligns with your organization’s identity and vision.

Smart Background Remover

Bid farewell to complicated graphic design software! Effortlessly highlight your products against pristine backgrounds in one click with the smart background remover tool. 

Easily Share Content right from Design Studio

Resize Designs in Seconds

No need to recreate content for various platforms. With Icon’s Design Studio, resizing is a breeze. Adjust your creations effortlessly to fit different social media and print formats, ensuring your messages look stunning everywhere!

Seamless Social Media Integrations

Effortlessly share and schedule your ready-made content directly from Design Studio to your favorite social media platforms, ensuring your messages reach your audience at the perfect moment.

Content Scheduling and Printing

Take control of your content sharing. Craft your own designs and seamlessly schedule posts on social media platforms for the perfect timing. Need print materials? No problem, with easy exporting and printing.

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