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Communities, Residents,
& Families

GoIcon’s suite of tools revolutionizes the way residents, communities, and families connect and engage.

Provide an Unparalleled Experience for Your Entire Community

Communities, Residents, & Families

Communicate &

Prioritize impactful communication with GoIcon, and facilitate effortless engagement with residents and their families. Ensure meaningful interactions that resonate by respecting recipients’ preferences for channels, languages, and contact times, automatically.

Communities, Residents, & Families (2)

Engage &

Facilitate deeper connections and resident engagement with intuitive apps, streamlining information and connection-building. Empower residents through independence, socialization, and well-being initiatives like resident-led groups, wellness content, and AI-driven Smart Aging™.

Communities, Residents, & Families (3)

Lifestyle &

Empower staff to create an enriching journey where every moment is crafted for resident happiness and peace of mind. Fuel your community’s vitality with captivating wellness content, dynamic calendars, and an intuitive resident portal with custom pages and resident-led groups. 

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Integrations &

GoIcon is crafted to facilitate robust integrations, enriching the resident experience and adding value to communities like yours. With multiple connectivity options and data sharing capabilities, your community will experience streamlined workflows, ensuring an unparalleled experience for all.


Insights &

Uncover your community’s heartbeat with comprehensive analytics and reporting. Delve into trends, patterns, and KPIs to pinpoint opportunities, mitigate risks, and synchronize strategies with real-time data. Acquire invaluable insights and monitor engagement to empower informed decision-making.

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Hospitality &

Be an industry leader by offering a premium concierge experience that distinguishes your community. Centralize services on a user-friendly platform, granting seamless access. Boost resident satisfaction with engaging entertainment, curated content, and Amazon Alexa devices, ensuring a delightful living experience.

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