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Patients & Members

Encourage PACE participants to maintain their independence. Icon can help your team achieve this goal with our all-in-one, HIPAA compliant communication and engagement solution.

Keep Your PACE Program Running Smoothly


and Inform

Engage effortlessly with participants, families, and staff using their preferred method like phone calls, emails, texts, on-demand dial-ins, and even through Alexa devices! Plus, automatically translate content into 18+ languages.


Drive Family Satisfaction

Communicate with family members automatically and proactively. Share activity attendance, important facility announcements, and much more leading to as much as a 50% improvement in family satisfaction survey results.


Follow Up

Effortlessly automate post-discharge communications, and identify at-risk patients while conserving time and resources. Easy patient list uploading and customizable follow-up questions improve staff focus, and enhances quality ratings.


Reduce Missed Appointments

Save your staff valuable time and send personal appointment reminders, automatically, to participants and their families via phone, email, or text – even set up a repeating cadence,  reducing missed appointments by up to 50% with GoIcon.

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