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Owners & Operators

Explore tailored enterprise management solutions for streamlined decision-making and seamless operations organization-wide.

Streamline & Enhance Enterprise Management


Dashboards & Intelligence

Centralized visibility enables easy comparison and identification of best practices. With intuitive dashboards and drill-down capabilities, coupled with easy exporting and data sharing features, strategic decision-making is streamlined for optimized outcomes.


Brand Controls & Templates

Elevate your brand presence with comprehensive controls, allowing you to set and maintain brand standards across all communications. Build and share templates and maintain control with lockdown fields and robust user controls for brand consistency and security.


Multi-Location Management

Manage communication across multiple locations with our centralized portal, enabling streamlined messaging and announcements. Access all communities with ease and convenience while ensuring security and efficiency through single sign-on authentication.


Company-Wide Communication

Maximize communication and connectivity options with the  versatile Icon platform, offering a wide array of features. Save valuable time with automation capabilities, whether broad- casting messages portfolio-wide or engaging in one-on-one conversations.

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