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Community Voice and View

Improve your residents’ experience and encourage independence by enabling them to interact with voice assistants.

Adopt voice technology to stand out from the competition as a tech leader

Moving to a senior living community promises older adults a chance to revitalize their lives in new, exciting ways. The right technology can help your community deliver on that promise.

58% of residents found their Echo Dot was easier to use than smartphones or tablets

Voice tech allows residents of all abilities to stay up-to date on community-specific information in a way that feels accessible and natural.

Save time with the ability to manage devices campus-wide

Compatible with Alexa for Hospitality’s Fleet Management, Icon’s voice platform utilizes one main dashboard to add, remove, and manage devices and skills across your community.

One Main Dashboard

Staff can add, remove, and manage devices and skills from one central dashboard.

Use Natural Commands

No need to say “Alexa, ask my community…” instead residents can utilize their voice assistant the way they're used to.

Smart Home Tech Agnostic

Pair with Caspar.ai for fall detection, health predictions, energy management and more.

Complement the Voice Experience with Echo Show Devices

With Icon Community Voice and View, users can ask about today’s announcements and the Echo Show will display the announcement title, description and image. If there are multiple residents, Alexa will ask which resident is interacting and will display the two resident profile pictures and full names.

What can senior living community leaders do to help attract and retain talent? Here are seven ways Amazon Alexa can save time for senior living staff in your community.

How residents utilize voice technology and gain independence

Save a Trip

“Alexa, has the mail arrived today?”

Easily Plan Daily Meals

“Alexa, what is the soup of the day?”

Connect with Friends

“Alexa, what is John’s phone number?”

Submit a Work Order

“Alexa, submit a maintenance request.”

Stay Current

“Alexa, what’s new in my community?”

Get Updated

“Alexa, what is my daily briefing?”

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