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Bi-Directional Communication

A simple platform designed to streamline communication for organizations that support seniors.

Easily Deliver Information Using Icon's Bi-directional Communication Tool

Rely on Icon to easily send emergency alerts and routine notifications to residents, families, and staff. Icon can even translate your content to 18+ languages, automatically. 

Send Appointment Reminders

Remind residents and family members about medical and transportation appointments.  Residents and family members are notified about upcoming appointments via phone, email or text, which minimizes missed appointments.

Acknowledge Birthdays and Anniversaries

Acknowledge important events in your residents’ lives like birthdays and anniversaries. You write the messages once and they are sent automatically using the data in the communication platform.

Manage Staff Compliance

Remind staff when certifications and licenses are due to be renewed and about upcoming training sessions. The communication platform tracks renewal dates for staff and sends automated notifications.

Communicate Using Your Mobile Device

Access communication tools through our mobile-optimized platform or download the mobile application. It’s easy to manage all of your communication through your mobile device.

Formerly VoiceFriend (2)

Send Mass Messages by Text, Email, Phone

Our communication platform makes it easy for you to get the right information to the right people at the right time. Create and send messages (in up to 18 languages) to residents, families, and staff using the method they prefer:

Phone Call

Text Messages


Alexa-enabled Devices

Intelligent Reporting Provides Powerful Data Points on...

Message History

Deliverability Metrics

Content Engagement

Create an Effective Communication Schedule

Audiences are color-coded, so it’s easy to see which messages are scheduled for which audiences. Organize your messages using the Icon communication platform calendar, which displays messages by day, week, or month.

Why Communities Choose Communication from Icon

Conduct Safety Checks

Conduct daily, automated safety checks to ensure your residents are thriving. Customize the questions you want to ask, and the system automatically calls residents. Answers are saved, which allows you to quickly identify residents at risk.

Automate Post-Discharge Follow Up

Automate follow-up calls and texts to your discharged patients. A color-coded dashboard highlights discharged patients who require intervention and reporting provides statistics to share with hospital networks and payers.

Track Attendance at Activities

Track which activities are the most popular, identify residents who are not engaging, and implement communications programs within the communication platform to maximize participation and engagement.

Survey Residents and Families

Create surveys to collect feedback on everything from satisfaction to overall wellness. Icon compiles and stores the data, creating valuable and actionable insights.


Automate Emergency Communications

Share critical information with residents, families and staff quickly and easily. We maintain a repository of messages for easy reporting.


Fill Open Shifts

Fill open shifts by automating communications to staff, notifying them of open shifts and call outs. With the Icon communication platform, you can quickly secure staff coverage and decrease overtime expenses.

Ready to See Our Bi-Directional Communication Tools in Action?

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