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Employee Recognition

Despite efforts to retain staff, such as sign-on bonuses and pay increases, turnover rates remain high. However, communities that adopt science-backed approaches, like Icon’s Employee Engagement solution, boost retention and see up to 50% lower turnover rates.

Use Science-Backed Approaches to Improve Retention and ROI

Organizations with effective
recognition programs have
31% lower voluntary turnover

Gamification techniques for employee recognition and rewards drive a 48% increase in employee engagement

Companies with effective
rewards programs have
50% lower turnover rates

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Employee Recognition from Icon Makes it Easy for Administration to...

How Icon Employee Recognition Works


Motivate staff by allowing peers, family, and residents to recognize a job well done with shout outs. Managers can also award points for exemplary performance with spotlights.

Accomplishments & Milestones

Encourage retention by awarding customizable collectible badges for accomplishments and milestones.


Build culture with fun competitions between employees, departments, or communities.


Allow employees to collect points that can be redeemed for gift cards, swag, or job perks! OR just use points as a feedback tool for employee reviews.

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