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Success Stories

Hear from people just like you! Our success stories are designed to highlight how our clients utilize Icon to make the aging experience iconic.

From Tech Woes to Tech Wows: Roland Park Place's Iconic Journey

Not every senior living technology investment is a smash hit. That’s okay. What’s important is that you innovate and plan to improve. That’s precisely what Roland Park Place did.

How an Intuitive All-in-One Platform Promotes Deeper Engagement at Westerwood Senior Living

Discover how Ohio-based Westerwood Senior Living methodically built a senior living tech stack that enriches the aging experience.

The Power of Data: How Icon Turned Residents into Recruiters

Understand more about how Cadence Senior Living boosted engagement by evolving its technology systems.

Community Engagement Flourishes with Cutting-Edge Senior Living Technology

How Glen Meadows - Presbyterian Senior Living Connected its Community with Icon

Voice Technology and Smart Home Tech Improve Resident Engagement and Comfort

Arcadia Residents Experience Extraordinary Engagement with Increased Safety

How to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 with Crisis Communication from Icon

How Friendship Senior Options Created an Effective COVID-19 Response using Icon

Game Changing Productivity with the Icon Mobile Staff App

Learn How the Brielle at Seaview and One MacDonough Place Save Over an Hour a Day with the Icon Staff App

Improve Staff Efficiency with Icon's Engagement Solution

Life Enriching Communities (LEC) Consolidates its Efforts to Communicate with Residents, Staff, and Visitors

How the Right Technology Helps Engagement Grow

How The Monarch at Richardson Keeps Loved Ones Connected with Senior Living Technology

Benefits of an All-in-One Communication and Engagement Platform

How ACOYA Troon Leverages Icon to Drive Resident Engagement

Want Results? Opt for Communication Tools Built for Families and Residents

How Watermark Senior Living Improved Communication with Family Engagement

How Icon's Technology Can Help Family Members Feel Closer to Their Loved Ones

How Benchmark at Forge Hill Uses Icon to Strengthen Family Relationships

How to Create Happy Residents, Happy Families, and a Higher NPS

Cappella of Grand Junction Deepens Residents’ Connection with Loved Ones Using Icon Technology

Icon Supports Broadmead's Push Towards a Paperless Community

How Broadmead Simplifies Resident Engagement and Communication with Icon's Solutions

How to Leverage Tech for Market Differentiation and Brand Credibility

How Cedarhurst’s Marketing Team Uses Icon to Improve Census and Drive Family Satisfaction

Tap Into Your Platform's Full Potential and Help Residents Discover a Sense of Ease

How Kingswood Senior Living Unified Its Communication Strategy with Icon

Engagement Technology Creates a Sense of Community in a Crisis and Beyond

How a Florida Independent Living Community Connects Its Residents

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