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Communicate & Connect

Meet residents, families and staff where they are with tools tailored to their unique communications needs. 

Limitless Communication Options

Whether you are trying to fill an empty shift, send an emergency communication, amp up prospect outreach with a marketing email or send a survey GoIcon has what you need. Communications can be sent both as broadcasts or 1:1 and can be easily segmented to specific groups. 

Meet Recipients Where They Are

With GoIcon recipients preference are easy to respect. Communication can be shared via SMS, email, phone, app, or Amazon Alexa device. Recipients can set preferred languages, and times of day they would like to be contacted. Passive communication is even a breeze with digital signage and in-room tv channels.

Save Valuable Time With Automation and AI

GoIcon’s state-of-the-art technology delivers unparalleled time-saving capabilities, featuring AI-powered smart content, customizable templates, seamless translation into 18+ languages, message scheduling, workflow automations, and more.

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