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Hospitality & Resident Services

Deliver premium concierge experience through TV and signage, Amazon Alexa Devices, and so much more.

Captivate Residents with Unique Entertainment Experiences

GoIcon sets the standard with robust content partnerships, delivering unparalleled entertainment and enriching experiences for residents. Whether it’s tailored therapeutic music playlists, on-demand fitness and wellness content, or exclusive masterclasses taught by seniors for seniors, GoIcon ensures you’re covered for every resident’s unique interests.

Deliver Concierge Experience with Amazon Alexa Devices

Embracing senior living communities opens doors to a vibrant new chapter for older adults, filled with exciting opportunities. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge technology, your community can truly deliver on this promise of revitalization. Integrating voice technology not only positions your organization as a pioneer in advanced tech but also empowers residents with newfound independence and a virtual concierge. With simple voice commands, everyday tasks become effortless, allowing residents to seize each day with renewed vigor.

Centralize and Integrate Resident Service on a Single Platform

GoIcon is built to support meaningful integrations that improve the resident experience and add value to communities like yours. Say goodbye to scattered systems and hello to efficiency with our streamlined platform. From dining reservations to appointment scheduling, work orders, and visitor management, everything is centralized on one user-friendly interface, making life easier for both residents and staff.

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