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BlogRecruitingPart 2 | Increasing Positive Google Reviews for Senior Living Communities: A How to Guide 

Part 2 | Increasing Positive Google Reviews for Senior Living Communities: A How to Guide 

Part 2: Generating Positive Reviews

The voice of satisfied residents and their families holds immense sway in shaping perceptions of prospects evaluating senior living communities. Harnessing this power requires a strategic approach, one that begins with identifying those who have already expressed contentment. Additionally, timing plays a crucial role in ensuring that the request for feedback aligns with moments of peak satisfaction. In this second installment of our series, we delve into the nuanced art of soliciting reviews, with a focus on precision and consideration. To learn more about the power of Google reviews in cost effectively driving occupancy, please see part 1.

Who to Approach for Reviews

Initiating the process of gathering reviews involves reaching out to residents who have already expressed their satisfaction with their experience at your senior living community. These individuals are your community’s greatest advocates, and their feedback can offer invaluable insights to prospective residents.

One effective strategy to identify happy residents is by leveraging Icon’s form builder. By periodically sharing satisfaction surveys with residents, you create a structured channel for feedback. This not only helps in gauging overall satisfaction but also serves as a means to identify those who are particularly happy with their living arrangements.

Moreover, extending the scope beyond residents and involving resident family members in the feedback process is equally vital. Our family feedback and satisfaction survey functionality provides an excellent platform for engaging with family members who play a crucial role in the decision-making process.

By engaging both residents and their families, you not only ensure a holistic understanding of the community’s strengths but also gain insights into specific aspects that resonate most with those directly impacted by the living experience.

How to Determine Optimal Times for Review Requests

Timing is everything when it comes to soliciting reviews. Choosing the right moment can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your request. It’s advised to approach residents for reviews when they are most likely to be in a positive frame of mind.

Ideally, aim to request reviews within a week of a particularly positive interaction. This could be after a successful event, a well-received activity, or any instance where the resident’s satisfaction is palpable.

Additionally, consider timing the review requests in tandem with financial interactions. Asking for feedback after a payment, when residents are engaged with the community’s services, can result in more fruitful responses. This approach capitalizes on a moment of financial transaction, where residents are actively invested in their decision to be part of the community.

Furthermore, recognizing quieter times of the day or week is crucial. Avoiding moments of hustle and bustle ensures that residents can dedicate their attention and thoughtfulness to providing comprehensive feedback. Our Communication 360 solution can be used to automate and schedule review requests for those specific times during the day when residents are most likely to have the downtime to respond to a review request.

By strategically approaching residents at the right moments, you not only increase the likelihood of receiving constructive and positive feedback but also demonstrate a genuine interest in their opinions, further strengthening the sense of community and trust.

Amplify Your Online Presence to Reflect Your Community Experience

By recognizing the importance of precise targeting and impeccable timing, communities can amplify the impact of their review requests, and generate more positive reviews. Through these strategies, senior living communities can ensure that their online presence accurately reflects the exceptional experiences they provide. Stay tuned for the final installment of our series, where we’ll explore the art of crafting compelling review request messages.

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