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BlogAssisted LivingHow A Meaningful Integration Can Change Your Daily Routine for the Better

How A Meaningful Integration Can Change Your Daily Routine for the Better

How A Meaningful Integration Can Change Your Daily Routine for the Better

When considering an engagement and communication platform, it’s important to consider how well their technology integrates with other systems. Open architecture drives more value out of both technologies, and a technology partner’s ultimate goal is to improve the aging experience for older adults. If that means offering plug-and-play integrations with other industry leaders, a true partner will jump at the opportunity.

Take Icon’s integration with PointClickCare for example. “Our relationship with PointClickCare started back In 2019 when VoiceFriend became a Marketplace Partner, providing customers with peace of mind knowing that data used to communicate with residents, families and staff at their organizations was as current and comprehensive as possible,” says Icon CEO, Ryan Galea. “In June of this year, we acquired Caremerge’s engagement business and have recently rebranded as Icon. We are excited that the same peace of mind when it comes to data integrity can now extend to Icon customers and their engagement initiative.”

This unique integration has helped to streamline senior care engagement and communications efforts for users by ensuring data integrity leading to reduced manual errors, a single source of truth and time savings for staff.

Customers who choose to pursue the Icon and PointClickCare integration can expect a 24-hour data push cycle and the ability to filter data points you would like to see flow into Icon. Through this integration communities will be able to save their staff valuable time that is better spent with residents.

A meaningful integration between systems can change how an entire organization works on a daily basis. So when considering adding a new system into your mix, ensure they offer thoughtful integrations to enhance both the staff, and resident experience. 

For more information about Icon’s integration with PointClickCare,

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