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BlogCommunity EngagementHow ACOYA Troon Leverages Icon (Formerly Caremerge & VoiceFriend) to Drive Resident Engagement

How ACOYA Troon Leverages Icon (Formerly Caremerge & VoiceFriend) to Drive Resident Engagement

How ACOYA Troon Leverages Icon (Formerly Caremerge & VoiceFriend) to Drive Resident Engagement

When Scottsdale-based senior living community ACOYA Troon opened in November 2020, one thing was clear: they’d have to leverage technology to keep everyone connected.

And though these leaders didn’t know it at the time, their foresight and investments in senior living tech didn’t just help the community survive during an unprecedented time in US history; it set ACOYA Troon up for long-term success. Case in point: older adults are growing more tech-savvy, and they now expect to see technology in their senior living communities.

Here’s how ACOYA Troon built a community with technology at its core – and how Resident Lifestyle Director Debbie Casarella and her team use Caremerge and Voicefriend (now Icon) to increase resident engagement.

Communication Was Paramount

The ACOYA Troon leadership team recognized that launching a senior living community mid-pandemic would require a new approach to care – one built on frequent communication and accessible resident programming.

Though news of the vaccines created a sense of optimism, many communities were grappling with growing infection rates. Residents and their loved ones were looking for additional guidance. And legacy systems that relied on in-person interactions were breaking down.

ACOYA Troon’s leaders saw this and knew they needed to plan for a changing reality. It’s why they sought out a senior living technology that kept residents safe, kept loved ones informed, and helped to deliver an experience that engaged and thrilled their community.

That search led them to Icon (formerly Caremerge & VoiceFriend).

An All-in-One Communication and Engagement Platform Keeps Residents Safe and Engaged

Implementing Icon’s all-in-one platform helped leaders at ACOYA Troon establish a thriving culture driven by frequent communication and creative community programming.

In any given week, residents can expect to attend immersive art shows, work with personal trainers, or listen to guest speakers who share everything from constellation mapping to the history of the Scottsdale area.

Debbie notes that ACOYA Troon’s savvy choice to adopt Icon’s senior living technology has made her behind-the-scenes work – scheduling and executing community programming – seamless.

For instance, Icon’s calendar and messaging functions allow Debbie and other activity directors to broadcast events ahead of time and share updates with residents. So if there’s a weekly yoga class that staff needs to reschedule or replace with a new event, residents can expect a message – delivered via text, email, or call – letting them know.

Icon also lets activity leaders quickly record attendance. This helps staff save time and track which events draw the biggest crowds. And that information is incredibly useful for a community that’s committed to delivering outside-the-box activities that drive resident engagement.

During the pandemic, on-demand messaging has also helped staff share necessary health and safety updates with community members. Because staff can send on-demand messages to individual groups (assisted living residents, book club participants, family members, etc.), every member of the ACOYA Troon community knows that if they’re receiving a message, it’s intended for them.

Comprehensive Senior Living Technology Boosts Resident Participation and Satisfaction

One of the best things senior living technology can offer is user-friendliness. When residents and staff can easily use a platform, its value grows. ACOYA Troon’s leaders understood that. And their choice to prioritize intuitiveness has paid dividends for the entire community. Staff, residents, and loved ones feel comfortable using Icon.

And the numbers reflect it. ACOYA Troon sent more than 5,700 messages with Icon – in August alone.

Another reason for this comfort is a focus on accessibility. For example, some residents still prefer to receive printouts of activity calendars. Because Icon’s platform makes it so easy to upload calendars and print them off, staff can quickly share activities online and on paper. Those thoughtful functionalities help keep every community member at ACOYA Troon in the loop.

Debbie notes that another valuable tool that Icon offers is its customer success team. “Icon has a fantastic grip on providing training and support. Sure, the platform is easy to use, but having that additional support during the onboarding process – and whenever you want it – empowers every user to try new things.”

What’s Next: Maximizing Current Senior Living Technology Platforms to Enhance the Aging Experience

One benefit of opening during the pandemic is that ACOYA Troon anticipated the need for senior living technology and proactively fitted its community with the latest platforms and devices. This means that ACOYA Troon doesn’t need to “catch up” with its competitors and adopt more senior living technology; it just needs to continue maximizing the utility of its existing platforms.

But regardless of the optimizations Debbie and her team make, they’re confident that the Icon platform – and Icon customer success team – will help accommodate them.

A final note: in case you haven’t heard, VoiceFriend has acquired the Caremerge Engagement business – and is rebranding to Icon. If you’re interested in using communication solutions to help connect your community, check out the new Icon website for more information.

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