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The combination of VoiceFriend’s robust communication system and Caremerge’s engagement solutions will create a best-of-breed technology suite that will save time and drive satisfaction.

Calendar Central

Create a digital activity calendar and reduce time spent on attendance and calendar management by 80% with smart features like filter by service level, room reconciliation, recurring events, and more.

Bi-Directional Communication

Bi-Directional Communication streamlines communications by allowing staff to send information to staff, family, and residents by the method they prefer.

Family Engagement

A mobile app that allows family members near and far to stay connected and informed. By sending out newsletters, updates, and surveys, family members have access to the transparency they need.

In-Room TV

Keep residents well and active from the comfort of their own rooms by streaming content directly to their in room screens.

Community Engagement

Boost resident engagement, create an active experience, and keep residents engaged.

Digital Display

Showcase community information and events on eye-catching displays, keeping residents, guests and staff informed.

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