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Building Vibrant Communities: Meet Mark Petty, Champion of Positive Change

Mark Petty has carved an inspiring career path in the post-acute and eldercare continuum. His journey in Senior Living is marked by positive experiences and interactions with dedicated professionals committed to enhancing the lives of others. Now, as a new key player at Icon, Mark is on a mission to revolutionize the senior living experience, driven by a passion for innovation and a deep sense of purpose. Join us as we explore Mark’s motivations, strategies, and vision for the future of senior living.

Share your path to a career in Senior Living

As a Speech-Language Pathologist by trade, I have been lucky to have worked throughout the post-acute and eldercare continuum. My experiences with Senior Living have been overwhelmingly positive as the industry is full of great people looking to make a difference in the lives of others.

What do you enjoy most about Senior Living?

I love walking into a senior living community and seeing residents smile, laugh and enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed.  

What motivated you to join Icon?

When I saw the Icon platform for the first time, I realized that it was not just a cool product, but a solution that would truly make a difference in the lives of residents, family members and staff.  And my colleagues here are driven by purpose to make a difference in the senior living industry.  That is super important to me.

What do you plan to accomplish at Icon?

I have always been driven by making the lives of others better. And that is the plan here at Icon!  I’d like to improve the senior living experience for as many residents, family members and staff as possible. Very simply, that’s the plan!

What are some of your key considerations and strategies?

I am here to help my partners on their journey. To problem solve, to support and to provide resources. I am here to listen and work to develop the right solutions for each community.  Understanding what demanding roles operators have, I am here to make the solutions process easy and seamless.

What is one thing more people in senior living need to talk about or remember?

An aesthetically beautiful community is only one factor for resident experience, and in fact, it might be the least important. Vibrant communities are created by dedicated staff who have the support and tools necessary to create a wonderful experience for their residents.

Do you think seniors are starting to expect more technology in senior living?

Absolutely – but only to the extent that it makes life better. If a technology makes life better, easier and more fulfilling, it’s a winner at any age.

Finally, what is your favorite part of the job so far?

My team is so great and passionate about senior living solutions. And the ability to introduce the Icon solution to my friends and contacts in the industry is certainly very gratifying. 

Looking Ahead: A Bright Future with Mark Petty

Mark’s blend of professional expertise and genuine passion for enhancing the lives of residents, families, and staff sets a new standard in the industry. At Icon, Mark’s commitment to innovation and compassionate care promises to bring transformative solutions to senior living communities everywhere. Stay tuned as we follow Mark’s journey and witness the positive impact he continues to make.

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