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A Note from Our CEO: Celebration and Reflection on the One Year Anniversary of Icon

As we reflect on the past year, it’s astounding to think of how far we’ve come. One year ago, we took a significant leap by merging Caremerge’s Engagement Platform with VoiceFriend’s leading communication software and rebranding as Icon (or GoIcon). Today, as we celebrate this significant milestone, I invite you to join us in reflecting on the incredible changes, the challenges we’ve surmounted, and the exciting future we’re forging.

The Merger: A New Beginning

The merger marked the first major step in our journey to revolutionize the aging experience. Through the merger, we were able to broaden our combined product offering and achieve meaningful scale. This scale has empowered us to accelerate our product development and provide even more exceptional service to our valued customers. Beyond this, the merger united two remarkable teams with shared values, showcasing our unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled value and crafting the most cutting-edge engagement platform for the senior living sector.

Unified Identity

Rebranding as Icon was really a step towards building our new and unified identity. We didn’t just rebrand; we reimagined our mission. Icon symbolizes the innovative, inspiring experience we aspire to deliver. Icon is not just a technology platform; it’s the embodiment of our dedication to revolutionizing the senior living experience by engaging, informing, and uniting all stakeholders in the aging journey, including staff, residents, and families.

A Year in Review: Milestones and Achievements

We achieved a lot in 2023! We integrated the VoiceFriend and Caremerge product offerings. We were awarded Best Ease of Use by Capterra. We launched the new Icon branded website. We released a brand-new customer support portal. We launched several new products, including Design Studio, Enterprise Dashboard and SMS Inbox. We integrated ChatGPT into our communications platform. We launched the Icon Volunteer Service Program. And so so much more!

Building Our Future Together

At Icon we are building the only all-in-one Employee, Resident & Family Experience Management & Analytics Software for Senior Housing. Our suite of solutions is aimed at driving occupancy and improving employee retention by leveraging the power of positive experience to both attract and retain residents and employees. 

What sets Icon apart is our unwavering commitment to continuous evolution. We refuse to rest on our laurels and are constantly innovating, driven by our dedication to providing solutions that remain ahead of the curve. Our upcoming releases in 2024 are a testament to this commitment as we anticipate and address the ever-changing needs of senior living communities. Stay tuned!

A Year Worth Celebrating

The past year has showcased our resilience, adaptability, and shared vision. At its core, Icon is more than a collection of technologies; it’s a testament to the power of creating a seamless and remarkable ecosystem within senior living communities that connects, informs and unites residents, staff and families. Our goal is to not just solve problems with our software, but to sculpt experiences that touch hearts, build culture, inspire growth, and foster connections. 

As we celebrate today, we’re not just looking back at our accomplishments, but also eagerly looking forward to the vast potential of what we can achieve together. Thank you to every member of our team, our partners, and our loyal customers for being part of this incredible journey. Together, we’re shaping a brighter future for senior living.

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