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Best-In-Class Engagement and Communication Suite

Transform the rehabilitation process and streamline your communications and engagement efforts. Icon can lead to happier, healthier patients and more fulfilled and empowered staff. Our user-friendly all-in-one solution equips organizations with the tools needed to create a stronger community within your facility walls.

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Organizations Using Icon See Clear and Present Return on Investment

Family satisfaction scores increased by up to 50%

A 20% rise in patient satisfaction

As much as an 80% decrease in time spent on attendance and calendar management

Staff overtime reduced by up to 10%

Missed appointments reduced by as much as 50%

Post-discharge automation reduced manual work by up to 80% 

Solutions That Meet Your Facility's Unique Needs

Communication 360

Icon supports robust bi-directional communication in facilities like yours. Our communication tools allow you to interact with patients in the mode of their choosing – phone call, email, text, on-demand dial in, and Alexa devices in up to 18 different languages.

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Calendar Central

Schedule, track and report on your activities and events with Calendar Central from Icon. This tool also allows users to filter and customize calendars to create a personalized view just for them.

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Family Engagement

Encourage family members near and far to stay connected and informed through one central point of communication.

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Community Engagement

Encourage your patients to get involved, build meaningful social connections, lead events, create interest groups with a user-friendly platform that connects your entire facility.

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Enterprise Dashboard

Gain valuable insights, streamline reporting processes, and make informed decisions with a centralized view of all your communities. Explore Enterprise Reporting and revolutionize your data analysis.

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Voice Technology

Improve your patients’ experience and encourage independence by enabling them to interact with voice assistants.

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Digital Signage

Create a consistent brand experience with Icon’s Digital Signage tool. This offering provides the perfect solution to display relevant and real-time information that matches your branding across your campus.

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In-Room TV Channel

Keep your patients happy and involved from the comfort of their own rooms. Icon’s In-Room TV Channel offering includes over 80 apps, live streaming capabilities, a recorded video player and much more.

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Patient Discharge Automation

Share critical information about inclement weather, infectious disease outbreaks, emergency maintenance issues and more with patients, families and staff in minutes. 

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Communication 360

A simple platform designed to get the correct information to the right people at the right time using their preferred method of communication.

Easily send emergency alerts and routine notifications to patients, families, and staff.

Why Communication 360 is the Most Complete Communication Tool

Leverage AI Technology

Leverage AI technology to auto-fill template content for broadcast messages by populating content based on the template name and brief description.

Icon SMS Inbox

View all inbound messages in a single view, with color-coded conversations and easily reply directly to inbound messages in a user-friendly manner. Even filter and search.

Blueprint Templates

Icon Communication 360 comes loaded with a set of standard message templates to leverage immediately for common broadcast use cases like Maintenance Update, Severe Weather, and more.

Intelligent Reporting

Powerful reporting provides centralized visibility, actionable insights and data points on message history, deliverability metrics, and content engagement. Easily identify trends, areas of opportunity, and more.

Emergency Messaging

In the event of an emergency, the emergency override feature notifies everyone on all possible and available communication channels, regardless of previous settings and preferences. 

Enterprise Communications

Easily send mass communications to your entire portfolio (or select individual communities) in one click. Manage responses and collect data to inform your communication strategy.

Calendar Central

Save time running your activity programming to keep your staff focusing on what matters most – your patients.

Create a Digital Activity Calendar and Reduce Time Spent on Calendar Management by 80%

Why Facilities Like Yours Choose Calendar Central

Filter Calendar View

Easily personalize view of the calendar through customizable filters including service level, coordinator, meeting location.

Sync Personal Calendar

Never miss an appointment thanks to a seamless sync of Calendar Central events and Outlook or Google Calendar.

Be a Mobile Workforce

Our mobile staff app (Android & iOS) is designed for attendance-taking, event edits, and secure messaging, all on the go.

Calendar Print Styler

Easily change colors, add a logo, clean up events with the desired print size, and approve your calendar before printing.

Room Management

Seamlessly reserve and manage rooms to avoid overbooking and resolve scheduling conflicts within your department.

Intelligence Reporting

Track important stats like attendance, trends, and dimensions of wellness to enhance your programming.

Family Engagement

Foster peace of mind and keep family members in the loop through one central point of communication.

Provide the transparency they need to ensure their loved ones are looked after – resulting in up to 50% improvement in family satisfaction survey results.

Why Family Members Love the Family Engagement App

Family to Staff Messaging

Provide a secure place to have a dialogue about your patients’ care with family members.

Net-Promoter Survey

Real-time in-app survey for families to supply feedback how your program is performing.

Community Announcements

A visually appealing feed to keep families updated.

Push Notifications

Family members receive push notifications when their loved one attends an activity.

HIPAA Compliant

All communications and patientt health information shared via Family Engagement is secure.

Face ID

Family Engagement leverages Face ID authentication for a smooth login experience.

Community Engagement

Provide your patients an amazing experience by keeping them connected and empowered.

Our unique engagement capabilities improve the rehab experience resulting in a 20% increase in satisfaction scores

Why Community Engagement Raises Satisfaction Scores

Access from Anywhere

Access community engagement from anywhere – on your mobile device, tablet, desktop or Amazon voice assistant.

Track Work Orders

Submit maintenance requests, and view previous work orders. Made even easier by integrations with TheWorxHub & TELS.

Dining Reservations

Submit and cancel reservations directly in Community Engagement with the ability to add custom requests.

Stay Active

In partnership with Spiro100, patients can stay fit with an industry-leading library of fitness videos of varying skill levels.

Sync Personal Calendar

Organize your schedule with ease by syncing your community calendar to your personal, and never miss an appointment again.

Resident-Led Groups

Residents are able to create and manage their own internal groups. Instilling independence and promoting personal connections.

Enterprise Reporting and Analytics

Gain valuable insights, streamline reporting processes, and make informed decisions with a centralized view of your entire portfolio.

Easily analyze trends, patterns, and KPIs, to identify opportunities, mitigate risks, and align strategies with real-time insights.

Revolutionize Your Organization's Reporting

Centralized Visibility

Real-time access to critical data and insights enhances informed decision-making across all levels of the organization. 

Analyze Effectiveness

Foster collaboration, accelerate problem-solving, and enable swift adaptation to market dynamics for sustained growth.

View Trends

This feature empowers businesses to identify emerging opportunities and challenges, fostering agility and ensuring continuous improvement.

Drill Down by Location

Streamline information retrieval and enhance accuracy to facilitate data-driven strategies and indentifying best practices.

Community Voice and View

Adopt voice technology to stand out from the competition as a tech leader while providing patients a great experience.

Save time with the ability to manage devices campus-wide with Fleet Management

How Patients Utilize Community Voice and View

Save a Trip

“Alexa, has the mail arrived today?”

Easily Plan Daily Meals

“Alexa, what is the soup of the day?”

Connect with Friends

“Alexa, what is John’s phone number?”

Submit a Work Order

“Alexa, submit a maintenance request.”

Stay Current

“Alexa, what’s new in my community?”

Get Updated

“Alexa, what is my daily briefing?”

Digital Signage

Display unique digital signs across your common spaces to keep patients and guests informed on announcements and events.

Your staff will be happy to reduce administrative tasks and spend more time engaging with their community.

Why Digital Signage Makes a Difference

Granular Permission Settings

Manage user roles and permissions, channels and content playlists all from one dashboard.

Customized to Each Location

Each screen can display its own unique playlist to showcase information relevant to its location. 

Branded to Your Community

Brand your content and displays to create a consistent brand identity to impress patients, staff and guests.

Set It and Forget It

Schedule your content days, weeks, and/or months in advance with the ability to edit as needed.

Access to 80+ Popular Apps

Display popular content like ESPN, Sky News, YouTube Live, an more.

No Hardware Needed

All you need is a smart tv or plug-in device such as an Amazon Firestick and you’re good to go!

In-Room TV

Enhance your activity programming and communications with facility content streamed directly to individual rooms.

Encourage patients to stay active and involved while saving staff time.

Why In-Room TV Keeps Patients Informed and Saves Staff Time

Granular Permission Settings

Manage user roles and permissions, channels and content playlists all from one dashboard.

Automatically Stream Daily Calendar

No extra work necessary. When paired with Calendar Central, your daily activities will smart scroll and display changes in real-time.

Stay Active

In partnership with Spiro100, patients can stay active, even in their own rooms, with industry-leading library of fitness videos of varying skill levels.

Access to 80+ Popular Apps

Display popular content like ESPN, Sky News, YouTube Live, and much more.

Set It and Forget It

Easily schedule your content days, weeks, and/or months in advance, with the ability to edit as needed. 

Live-Streaming Capabilities

Easily live stream community events with no extra plug-ins or equipment required.

Patient Discharge Communication

Easily automate post-discharge communications to quickly identify at-risk patients, saving time and resources.

Streamline and automate your post-discharge communications and make a measurable difference.

How Patient Discharge Automation Creates a Measurable Difference

Quickly identify at-risk patients

Reduce time spent on manual follow-up

Improve staff focus and prioritization

Improve quality and satisfaction ratings

Decrease likelihood of readmissions

Auto-translate to 18 languages

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