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Icon SMS Inbox

A user-friendly, two-way communication tool for senior living communities.

Build Personal Relationships using the Icon Inbox

Earn trust by effectively communicating with staff, residents, and their families.  

Improve User Experience and Increase Efficiency

View all inbound messages in a single view, with color-coded conversations

Easily reply directly to inbound messages in a user-friendly manner

Filter and search conversations by first name, last name, and phone number

Build personal relationships with family members using one-to-one messaging

Formerly VoiceFriend (2)

Send Mass Messages by Text, Email, Phone

Our communication platform makes it easy for you to get the right information to the right people at the right time. Create and send messages (in up to 18 languages) to residents, families, and staff using the method they prefer:

Phone Call

Text Messages


Alexa-enabled Devices

Ready to See the Icon Inbox in Action?

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