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Exciting Changes Ahead For Icon's Apps!

Same Great Apps with a New Look Coming Your Way in August

We’re excited to unveil our new app icons, designed to resonate with the vibrant and diverse senior living communities we serve. This fresh look reflects warmth, vibrancy, and inclusivity, aligning perfectly with our core values to ensure a welcoming and user-friendly experience for everyone.

Check Out Our New Look!

The New Look Goes Live

August 4, 2024

The New Look Goes Live

August 11, 2024

The New Look Goes Live

August 11, 2024

What You Should Know

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Your app experience won’t change, only the icon you tap to open it will.

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The first time you open the app after the update, you’ll need to download the latest version. 

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You won’t need to reenter your password after updating the app.

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Push notifications may be disrupted for 24 hours during the update.

Help Us Make Sure Your Residents and Family Members Are Ready for Our New Look

To help your community prepare for this update, we’ve created some materials for you. Download the content below and share it via email, newsletter, text, your community engagement homepage, or your community’s digital displays.

Community Engagement App Update Flyer

Family App Update Flyer

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