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It’s our mission to make the aging experience iconic with the best all-in-one communication and engagement software for organizations that support seniors. Built with ease of use in mind, Icon’s HIPAA-compliant solution, equips you with the tools needed to communicate and engage with your entire community including residents, families, and staff efficiently and effectively.

Organizations Using Icon See Clear ROI

Family satisfaction scores increased by up to 50%

A 20% rise in resident satisfaction

As much as an 80% decrease in time spent on attendance and calendar management

Staff overtime was reduced by up to 10%

Save as much as 1-2 salaries annually by streamlining operations with Icon

Reduce operational costs by as much as $50K annually

Get to Know Icon's Complete Suite of Engagement and Communication Solutions

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Community Engagement
App & Portal

Calendar Central 

Communication 360

Family Engagement App

Enterprise Dashboard, Reporting & Analytics

Community Voice

In-Room TV

Premium Digital Display

Time Savings

Get the Tools You Need to Operate More Effectively

Icon gives users solutions needed to optimize time management and boost ROI. Did you know Icon can help your team reduce overtime by up to 10%, saving as much as 1 to 2 salaries per year?


Streamline Communication and Gain Actionable Insights

Leverage one platform to communicate and engage with your entire community from residents and their families to staff. With Icon you can empower your staff to focus on the well-being of residents by reducing manual tasks.


Provide a Personalized User Experience

With Icon, you don’t need extensive training or complex technology. Our user-friendly platform cuts out heavy lifting allowing users to effortlessly customize communications based on the unique needs of residents, staff and family members. 

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