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Icon Aims to Slash Senior Living Staff Turnover with Innovative New Science-Backed Solution

Icon is pleased to announce the release of a new science-based app to support employee engagement and retention.

Despite senior living operators’ best efforts to retain staff, such as sign-on bonuses and pay increases, turnover rates remain high. Research shows that communities that implement effective rewards programs can see as much as a 50% drop in employee turnover. Additionally, recognition programs have been shown to lower voluntary turnover by upwards of 31%, while gamification techniques can boost employee engagement by 48%. However, we found that communities frequently lacked the time and expertise to effectively implement these low-cost but powerful approaches.

That is why, with this data and the psychology of rewards and recognition in mind, Icon has created a new and innovative Employee Recognition and Rewards solution aimed at boosting employee retention. The product is designed with research-backed best practices that make it easy for any community to have a world-class program.

The solution includes the ability for peers, residents, and their families to recognize staff for a job well done via shout-outs. Managers can award points for exemplary performance with spotlights. Operators can encourage retention through the solutions by awarding customizable collectible badges for accomplishments and milestones and build culture with fun competitions between employees, departments, or communities. Each type of recognition allows employees to accumulate points that can be redeemed for gift cards, experiences, swag, job perks, and more. The points can also serve as a valuable feedback tool for employee reviews.

When asked about the motivation behind building the Employee Recognition solution, Icon CEO, Ryan Galea shared, “You can’t have happy residents without happy staff.” Icon’s mission is to ensure the well-being, joy, and peace of mind of everyone involved in the aging experience. With staff playing a large role in the aging experience the investment in employee engagement is in clear alignment with the company’s mission.

Icon customers can reach out to their customer success representative for a live demo of the Recognition & Rewards app. Senior living organizations not currently partnered with Icon are encouraged to visit the Icon website to learn more and set up a personalized demo with an Icon representative.

About Icon
Icon is the only all-in-one employee, resident, and family experience management platform that centralizes and elevates engagement, communication, and real-time insights to help senior living operators retain and attract top talent, and residents.

With over 2000 deployments nationwide, Icon’s platform and white-glove customer service have yielded impressive results, including a 50% increase in family satisfaction and a 20% increase in resident satisfaction scores within six months. Additionally, communities using Icon have seen an 80% reduction in time spent on resident life administrative tasks and a substantial decrease in printing costs.

Learn more about Icon at www.goicon.com

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