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Take Sales & Marketing to the Next Level

Provide an Unparalleled Experience for Every Stage of the Resident Journey

Sales & Marketing

Bump Up Your Brand

Boost marketing impact with captivating emails, streamlined design, and integrated event details, effortlessly elevating brand presence.

Sales & Marketing (2)

Nail First Impressions

Effortlessly elevate your digital presence with automatic community reviews. Website integrations ensure every visitor leaves impressed.

Life Enrichment & Wellness (2)

Follow Up

Simplify your communication with follow-ups via text, email, and calls, so no lead is missed. Plus, save time with a central inbox.

Sales & Marketing (4)

Move In

Dazzle prospects with resident-centric tools and seamless eSignature. AI adds a personalized touch, enhancing their new lifestyle journey.

10 Ways Icon Enhances Sales & Marketing Efforts

1. Easily capture customer satisfaction survey responses & prompt to share via Google Reviews

2. Create high-quality, standardized branded marketing collateral effortlessly with Icon’s proprietary Design Studio

3. Be positioned as a cutting-edge, tech-savvy & hospitality-driven leader

4. Turn residents & families into enthusiastic advocates who eagerly refer your community

5. Welcome prospective residents; connect them seamlessly with current residents & staff

6. Bolster current & future marketing efforts via robust data analytics, reporting & surveys

7. Live website integration makes it easy to showcase exciting community events
to prospective residents & families

8. Streamline communication so prospective new residents receive professional follow-ups to ensure no lead is overlooked

9. Social media planning has never been easier than with Icon’s user-friendly social media scheduler.

10.Enable targeted marketing
by showcasing your brand through push notifications & stay top of mind

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Webinar Replay: Unlocking the World of AI for your Community

Explore the rapidly evolving world of AI and its transformative impact on senior living. Discover how industry experts and innovators are leveraging AI to boost operational efficiency, enhance resident care, and create an unparalleled living experience.

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