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5 Myths about Smart Home Technology for Older Adults

5 Myths about Smart Home Technology for Older Adults

Many senior living communities have prioritized smart home technology in recent years, especially as older adults’ tech use has increased. A study from AARP found that tech usage amongst older adults has skyrocketed during the pandemic. 

Yet, incorporating tech throughout your senior living community can feel overwhelming. You know tech integration will be a growing resident expectation, but figuring out where to start and what’s worth the investment is challenging. 

Luckily, with the support of the right tech partner, smart home tech integration is easier than you may think. Here are five myths about smart home technology for older adults.

Myth 1: Smart Home Tech Requires a Community-Wide Overhaul

At first glance, launching tech initiatives sounds time-consuming and expensive. The good news is you don’t need to completely renovate your community in order to implement smart home technology. 

Instead, start with a pilot program to figure out what will work to benefit your residents and give folks a chance to learn more about what’s available. 

Unsure where to start? Find residents who are particularly excited about technology to test different solutions. Voice technology is a great solution to introduce to your residents because it’s easy to use, especially for those who are visually or mobility impaired.

After launching a pilot program, your residents may be increasingly excited about smart home tech integrations. One study found that 69 percent of respondents said they owned one smart device and of that group, the majority owned more than one. 

While you certainly don’t need a community-wide overhaul to integrate tech into your community, prepare for a successful launch and increased interest.

Myth 2: New Tech Is Too Complicated for Older Adults

Onboarding your residents and care staff to new technology can be challenging. But once they get the hang of it, smart home technology for older adults makes life easier for both care staff and residents.

Especially as your care staff continues to work through the pandemic, smart tech can help streamline their job responsibilities. Using automation, your care staff and residents can…

  • Turn lights on and off.
  • Raise and lower blinds.
  • Lock and unlock doors.

Even these kinds of basic automation can support your care staff and keep your residents safe. 

Myth 3: The Benefits of Smart Home Tech Aren’t Worthwhile

You may have heard of smart home technology for older adults and assumed that means medication dispensing robots, a level of care your residents may not need. 

Fortunately, smart home tech can provide benefits across the spectrum of care your residents require. For example, tablets are especially user-friendly for older adults and offer a wide variety of tech assistance, from activity calendars to wellness information. 

The best way to determine the individual needs of your community is to survey your residents and consult your care staff. 

Whether your residents need voice tech to set up their medication reminders or use tablets to view digital activity calendars, there’s a solution to support all your residents.

Myth 4: Smart Home Tech Is a Just a Fad

The pandemic has increased older adults’ adoption of technology and you may think that this usage will fade away with the end of the pandemic. But one study found that by 2025 people will rely heavily on smart home technology in their homes and workplaces. 

Already, senior living communities have found new ways to integrate tech during the pandemic and many are interested in incorporating more smart home tech solutions.

As Baby Boomers and Generation X’ers start to explore senior living options, it will be important for communities to have robust tech options to meet the demands of younger, tech-savvy generations.

Between older adults’ increased tech use and the digitization of the world means you don’t need to worry you’ll be making a risky investment, smart home tech integrations are here to stay.

Myth 5: You Don’t Need a Tech Partner to Implement Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology for older adults might be user-friendly, but setting it up is another story. Effective implementation of your community program often requires assistance. Onboarding and ongoing management of an entire community’s tech programs can be complicated. 

While community leaders know their residents the best, tech partners that specialize in senior living solutions can offer additional insight, help troubleshoot, and additional support.

Don’t Be on the Wrong Side of the Digital Divide

At one point robust technology solutions were a senior living community differentiator. Today and in the coming years, tech integration will be a resident expectation. 

Without robust technology solutions, your community risks falling behind. In order to keep up with the competition and the growing aging in place trend, senior living communities need to partner with a trusted tech provider.

Caremerge offers a variety of smart home tech solutions that support and care for all of your residents. From online activity calendars to family engagement platforms, Caremerge can help you launch smart home tech solutions throughout your community.

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