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To show our appreciation, we invite you to participate in the Icon Referral Program where we will make a donation to SeniorNet on your behalf for every referral you make that results in a new Icon customer! Simply fill out the form below to make referrals.

How It Works

Chose Friends and Colleagues

Identify colleagues and friends who could benefit from using Icon to fill open shifts, send emergency notifications, promote activities, survey residents and families, or conduct safety checks.

Fill Out the Referral Form and Send Emails

Fill out the form with the names and emails of people you want to refer. Hit send on the autogenerated email for your referral and we will follow up to see if Icon is the right solution.

We Donate on Your Behalf

If your colleagues and friends become an Icon customer within 60 days, we will make a donation to SeniorNet on your behalf. It’s that easy.

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