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Patient Discharge Communication Tool

Easily automate post-discharge communications to quickly identify at-risk patients and receive feedback.

Automate follow-up calls and texts to your discharged patients. Simply create a short list of questions and send it via Icon, all answers are recorded automatically. A color-coded dashboard highlights patients who require intervention and intelligent reporting provides statistics to share with hospital networks and payers. Integrating with your EHR streamlines the process even further. 

Fill out the form below to see determine eligibility for the Icon grant support program to fully fund your automated discharge program. Icon’s team of grant writers will help secure grant support for your facility at no cost.

Auto-Translate to 18+ Languages

Automatically translate messages and calls to your discharged patient’s preferred language.

Customizable and Searchable Tags

Organize notes and keep track of feedback with customizable and searchable tags.

Color-Coded Dashboard

A visually appealing dashboard highlights discharged patients who require intervention.

Staff Notifications

Customize your triggers that warrant a staff email notification so you can easily prioritize.

Integrate with your EHR system

Automatically update and manage communications when synced with your EHR.

Reporting Capabilities

Find the statistics you need to share with hospital networks and payers.

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